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According to the statistics teeth dental implant

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According to the statistics  teeth dental implant,the body naturally regenerates bone and tissue. After the  renewable material is placed in place, the gum tissue is fixed in the roots or teeth.Suitable living regime You will be able to control this disease if you take the following measures:Use regular dental floss and brush your teeth to remove bacteria, food particles, plaque and tartar;Meet your dentist every 6 months to clean your teeth to prevent complications, because tartar can contribute to gum disease and receding gums. Even if you do not experience any symptoms

if you are in the following situations:Tooth decay is the result of two main factors: bacteria in the mouth and high sugar levels in food. The bacteria present in the mouth is a normal thing. The combination of bacteria, food flakes and saliva forms plaque. The more sugar the food contains, the more sticky the plaque becomes. Over time, cavities form when plaque and tartar bacteria convert sugar Saigon Vietnam dental implants

into acid. Acid in the plaque removes minerals in the hard enamel layer outside the teeth. This gradual erosion creates tiny holes or gaps in the enamel.Tooth decay is a very common disease and often affects children, adolescents and the elderly. You can control tooth decay by reducing risk factors. Please talk to your doctor for more information.There are many factors that increase the risk vietnam dentist prices

of tooth decay, such as:Bad dental care. You don’t brush your teeth, floss or clean your teeth every day to remove plaque;Some carbohydrates, including juice, soda, desserts, hard candy, and biscuits can cause tooth decay;Acidic foods and drinks increase the risk of tooth decay, including: lemon, soft drinks, sports drinks and juices;Reflux of the stomach, this causes stomach acid to come into trồng răng implant

contact with teeth, which can cause tooth decay;Lack of fluoride. Fluoride is a natural mineral that helps prevent tooth decay and can even reverse the earliest stages of tooth damage;Less saliva in the mouth. Saliva helps clean food samples in teeth and reduces bacteria that cause tooth decay.The information provided does not replace the advice of health professionals. Always consult your doctor. trồng răng implant

To diagnose tooth decay, the dentist will:Ask you some questions about history of tooth decay, pain intensity of the disease;Use a sharp object and a small mirror to check your teeth;Observe the X-ray images of the teeth and show which teeth are deep and how deep the cavities are.cắm ghép implant

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